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Disclaimer:- Canoeing is an adventure sport, canoeing on weirs can be dangerous, no indication can be taken from the information provided here as to the suitability of the weir for canoeing at any time. You are responsible for your own safety and assessing the risks involved on any particular occasion. Chalfont Park Canoe Club and it's officers can accept no responsibility or liability for any accident, incident, loss of or damage to persons or equipment as a result of the information provided here.

The Lock Radials: 
Small surfable hole and associated wave train on one gate open (Left hand sluice in this picture). Warning, avoid here if both sluice gates are open (or half open) as a strong re-circulating eddy can trap you up against the weir sill wall.
However, it almost always runs through the summer months as an easy play spot for beginners. There is a large weir pool to recover boats and paddlers. Over the last winter some trees have fallen into the weir pool in this area and could pose a threat to a capsized or inexperienced paddler.  Recommended for beginners, whitewater training in summer and slalom training.


The Main Sluice Gates: 
Main sluices for paddling on the weir.  Paddling ranges from good on one open, to awe inspiring on four open! 

Exercise caution and inspect first before paddling, the ramps have produced some unexpected water features.

The Middle Radials: 
Flows at right angles to main weir stream below main sluices. Can be open throughout the season. It can offer an excellent rideable hole on one or two open sluices for the experienced paddler. Powerful and retentive it forms a hole within the concrete stanchions (intimidating) demands respect but is often a superb playspot when there is not enough water to open the main sluices. Definitely a good  hole BUT INSPECT FIRST from the weir catwalk. Beware of the shallow sill. If it looks rather sticky avoid it, especially at high flows. It will trash you! Experienced paddlers only!

The Bottom Radials: 
Can produce an excellent wave with strong shoulders at the right levels. Since the expansion of Hambleden Marina over the last few years they have rarely been opened as it causes scour and excess current in the mooring pool of the marina.

All the above can be inspected from the weir catwalk overhead. It is a public right of way.



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