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1952 Bill Horsman and Paul Farrant represented Great Britain in the Lipstadt (Germany) International Slalom.

1953 Bill Horsman, Paul Farrant, Bill Crockett and Ron Crockett represented Britain in Merano World Championships. Paul Farrant won National Championships at Armathwaite.

1954 Mary Farrant (now Horsman) wins Ladies Championships.

1955 Paul Farrant, Bill Horsman and Mary Farrant go to Tacen World Championships.

1956 Bill Horsman won the National Championships.

1957 Bill Horsman and Paul Farrant paddled at the Augsburg World Championships.

1958 British Team came first at Lipstadt international (Farrant/White/Carmichael).

1959 PAUL FARRANT WON THE GOLD MEDAL (Fl) AT THE GENEVA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Iain Carmichael also paddled at this event. Paul Farrant won the National Championships. Eva Barnett becomes Ladies National Champion.

1960 Paul Farrant was killed in a motorcycle accident whilst returning to Hambleden after retiring from the Devizes to Westminster LD race. Ken Miles and Paul Mayhew were selected for the Anseremme International Slalom.

1961 The Paul Farrant Trophy was won at the Dresden World Championships by Egberhart Glaser E. Germany. Paul Mayhew and Ian Carmichael represent Britain. Margaret Bellord becomes Ladies National Champion.

1963 First Hambleden Division 1 Slalom. See the results here.

1963 Geoff Dinsdale represented Britain in the Spittal World Championships and won a Bronze Medal in the Team Event (Dinsdale/Rohleder/Mitchell).

1964 1st Annual Usk Race.

1967 Joseph and Jirina Sedivec come to England and spend many week-ends at Hambleden coaching Canadian Canoeing. Mike Hillyard and Mike Ramsay won National C2 Championships. Stewart Frazer won Gold Medal in the World Press Photographic competition (Sports section).

1968 Geoff Dinsdale wins national C1 Championships. Chalfont Canadian Paddlers selected for internationals. Alan and Janet Harber become first serious mixed C2 pair in the country. Club acquires current property.

1969 Geoff Dinsdale, Mike Hillyard and John Albert paddled at the Bourg St. Maurice World Championships as well as paddling at Monshau and Augsburg. Mike Hillyard and John Albert together with Alan and Janet Harber in mixed C2 paddled at the Llangollen Town international. John Handyside and Bob Evans were selected for the Junior International against France, and also competed in a Youth international Sprint Regatta in Berlin. John Handyside won the Junior Sella Race paddling an international K1. Robert Usher won 2nd Division in the National Ranking List.

1971 Mike, Geoff and John again compete at Zwickau International Slalom, and the Llangollen Town International Slalom. Mike and John represent Britain at Muotathal international Slalom. Geoff Dinsdale represented Britain at Merano World Championships. Alan Harber and John Fazey selected as British Team Trainers.

1972 John Albert won in C1 class at Riesbach International Slalom, Geoff Dinsdale and John Albert represent Britain in the Munich Olympics at Augsburg Slalom Course, John Fazey is Team Coach at Olympics and Alan Harber commentates for TV programme of Olympic Slalom. Paul Broom and Malcolm Pearcey represent Britain in Junior K1. Geoff Dinsdale and John Albert ranked 2nd and 3rd in National Championships.

1973 John Albert and Malcolm Pearcey paddle at Zwickau International Slalom. John Albert represents Britain at Muotathal World Championships and also attended slaloms at Lipno, Spittal and Merano. Paul Broom and Malcolm Pearcey paddled in the British Junior C1 Team at several International Slaloms.

1980 Division 1 slalom reinstated at Hambleden. 

1982 Bob Doman is selected for British team for Europa cup events and gets team Bronze at Tacen and Lofer (Hedges/Doman/Taylor).

1983 Nick Porucznik is selected to represent Great Britain in C1 class and competes in European Youth Championships at Spittal, Austria winning a Team Bronze medal (Deacon/Porucznik/Brown). Lynn Badger also represents Great Britain at the European Youth Championships at Spittal,

1984  Bob Doman is selected for Great Britain and competes in Europa cup events and also becomes C1 National Team Champion (Williams/Doman/Black).

1985 Bob Doman is selected for Great Britain and competes in World Championships at Augsburg, Germany

1986 Bob Doman becomes C1 National Champion and is selected to represent Great Britain at the Pre-World Championships in Bourg St Maurice, France. 

1987 Bob Doman is selected to represent Great Britain at World Championships in Bourg St Maurice

Other notable dates

1951 1st Thames slalom - Shepperton.

1952 1st Eskimo roll performed in a Slalom - Bill Horsman.

1953 White Water magazine first published by Chalfont Park CC.

1973 Veterans slalom held at Hambleden

1996 Last Division 1 Slalom at Hambleden