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02nd MARCH 2003



NAME: the Club shall be known as the CHALFONT PARK CANOE CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club, it shall be affiliated to the B.C.U.

OBJECTS: the objects of the Club shall be:

1) To make cheap canoeing available to all it's members.

2) To interest its members in rough water canoeing.

3) To interest its members in competitive canoeing events.

4) To achieve a high standard of safety in canoeing.

5) To co-operate with other clubs and interested bodies in raising the standard of canoeing in general.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to anyone interested in canoeing.

Classes of membership are:

1) Paying members.

a) FULL - Members over the age of 18.

b) STUDENT - Members in full time education.

c) JUNIOR - Members between the age of 14 - 18.

d) FAMILY - Direct relations of a FULL member.

2) Non paying members.

e) MATE - Conferred to members in recognition of work they have done for the Club.

The maximum number of members shall be determined by the Committee. the percentage of non canoe owners shall not be more than 30% of the total membership.

ELECTION OF MEMBERS: Applicants for membership, who must be sponsored by an existing member, shall make a written application on the form provided with a cheque for the appropriate amount to the Secretary who will inform them of the Constitution and Rules. Acceptance will rest with the Committee who may refuse to elect any applicant without giving reason for so doing. MATES will be elected at the A.G.M. Nobody shall be elected a MATE unless he has been a paying member for three years. Nominations shall be submitted to the Committee at least 21 days before the A.G.M.

FEES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS: Shall be decided upon by the members in General Meeting. They shall be due on election and on the 1st January each year. If a member has failed to pay by the 31 March their membership will have lapsed and a fresh application together with the appropriate enrolment fee and subscription will be required. Persons joining after the 31st July will pay a proportion of the annual fee as decided by the Committee. Prospective members will pay for the facilities used.

CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Any member wishing to resign shall give one months notice in writing to the Secretary.

Any member violating the rules or regulations of the Club or being adjudged guilty of unsatisfactory conduct may, by resolution of the Committee be suspended. Any member so suspended or expelled may appeal to a Special General Meeting if such a meeting be sponsored by not less than five members.

The President and Vice President may be nominated subject to the approval of the Committee and shall be elected by the Club at a General Meeting.

COMMITTEE ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for election to a committee post any individual must have been a FULL member of the club for a minimum of one calendar year prior to the AGM.

THE COMMITTEE: The Committee shall be elected by the Club at a General Meeting. The committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club as a whole and shall consist of:












Nominations for officers will be put forward at the A.G.M. and votes will be taken from the floor. Where more than one nomination is received voting will be by secret ballot. If there are less than 7 candidates for committee positions 1 to 6 all will be elected, if there are more than 7 candidates voting will be done in rounds with the prospective candidate with the least votes dropping out on each round until all 6 positions are filled. Candidates for Committee posts 1 to 6 MAY declare a special interest in an area of Club activity such as Webmaster, Competition, Touring or Publicity for example, however there shall be no obligation to specialise in a specific area.

All officers will resign at the A.G.M. but shall be eligible for re-election.

The Committee may replace a serving officer if and when they consider it necessary.

The Committee is responsible for the general conduct of the Clubs business and activities. Five people shall make a quorum of the Committee. there shall be at least six meetings of the Committee at regular intervals during the year. Reasonable travelling expenses for members to attend Committee meetings will be paid by the Club.

SUB COMMITTEES AND OFFICERS: The Committee shall choose their members to form the following sub-committees:

Slalom, Racing

Each sub committee shall appoint its own secretary who will keep minutes of all their meetings, sending a copy thereof to the Secretary.

The following officers will be elected at the A.G.M. but in that office will not serve on any committee or sub-committee.

Camp Steward, Assistant Secretary, Photographic Secretary




CHAIRMAN: The Chairman will preside at all General Meetings of the Club and of the Committee. He/she shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the Club in accordance with its rules and general policy as expressed by the majority of its members. He/she shall ex-officio be a member for any other committee of the Club.

SECRETARY: The Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of the meetings of the Committee and the Club, and the recording of minutes of such meetings and all correspondence relating to the general business of the Club. He/she will organise and co-ordinate the activities of the Club.

TREASURER: The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of all monies and shall keep such books of accounts as are required by the Committee. He/she shall produce at the A.G.M. balance sheets showing the financial state of the Club, accompanied by an auditors report. He/she shall be responsible for the prompt payment of bills and other such monies owed by the Club

HARBOURMASTER: The harbourmaster shall be responsible for the maintenance of Club land, landing stage, boathouse and equipment, excluding slalom and white water equipment, which will be the responsibility of that representative.


The A.G.M. shall be called as soon as possible after the A.G.M of the B.C.U. and before the end of February.

At an A.G.M. a quorum shall no be less than 20% of the paying members. If after half an hour the meeting is inquorate the meeting shall be postponed until a time and place decided by the Committee. If a quorum is not then present within half an hour from the time appointed the members present will form a quorum.

An extra ordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary on request in writing by not less than one quarter of the paying members. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given specifying the time and nature of the business of the meeting.

At all extra ordinary General Meetings not less than 30% of the paying members shall form a quorum. If after half an hour the meeting is inquorate, the meeting if called at the request of members shall be dissolved. In all other cases the meeting shall be postponed until a time and place decided by the Committee. If a quorum is not then present within half an hour from the time appointed, the members present will form a quorum.

Accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of such notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of that meeting.


a) Children under the age of 14 can only attend the Club with an adult member who shall be responsible for them.

b) Life jackets or buoyancy aids will be worn by all members and guests when paddling in the weir pool. No one may paddle the Weir alone except by special permission of the committee.

c) For a member to be eligible for club prizes and to represent the Club at events such as the Inter Club Championship, the Southern Region selection and Inter Regional events he/she must compete in the name of Chalfont Park in all event of the same type during the season. Chalfont/Falcon will be acceptable. other exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Committee if arranged beforehand.


All expenditure other than that of a routine nature must be authorised by the committed before it is made.

Any officer handling money on behalf of the Club must maintain a proper record for the purpose of the Club accounts and he/she will hand all such money to the Treasurer with the least possible delay.


The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club. Financial or legal liabilities in the rightful exercise of its office shall not however be the personal liability of the committee, but shall be the liability of the Club as a whole.

All members or other persons who attend the Club tours or meets do so entirely at their own risk, neither the Club nor its officers can accept responsibility for any loss or damage or injury of any kind sustained at the Club or whilst on such tour or meet.


These rules shall not be altered amended or rescinded except by a General Meeting of the Club. A resolution to give effect of a change of rule must be passed by at least two thirds of the members present. However if the Committee feel that it be necessary to change or amend the Constitution or rules they may do so, as long as the membership is informed of the proposed changes beforehand. Should any member then object in writing to the Committee, within one calendar month of notice being given the proposals must be put before the membership at a General Meeting.


In no circumstance can any profit be distributed to members, but any profits earned shall be contributed to a general fund for furthering the objects of the Club.


The Club shall not terminate except by resolution of a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose, and in such an event any surplus assets shall be handed over to a body or bodies with similar objects, or to a charity or charities.


Any matter not provided for in this constitution, or any question over the interpretation of this constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.

It is to be understood that any reference herein to the male embraces the female.


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